Marvel, shop, explore and discover!

Hamburg begins to sparkle at the beginning of December – not just because the Christmas season is starting. Mineralien Hamburg is both a feast for the eyes and a truly unique experience. Thanks to spectacular exhibits, high-quality jewellery and an exciting programme, the world’s fourth largest minerals trade fair is a paradise for explorers of all ages, collectors, dealers and anyone with a love of precious treasure.

You can marvel, shop, explore, discover, admire and touch. Discover rare minerals and fossils, precious stones and unique jewellery, and buy your new favourite piece.

Facts and Figures of Mineralien Hamburg

Exhibitors:  approx. 400 from 35 nations
Visitors: 20,000
Organizer: Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH

  • Mineralien Hamburg is the largest trade fair in Northern Europe and is the fourth largest worldwide.
  • Mineralien Hamburg is aimed both at the specialist as well as at the final consumer.
  • An important aspect for the actual experts, collectors and scientists are the annually changing, lavishly equipped special displays, in which outstanding discoveries are presented.

Subject areas

  • Minerals
  • Fossils
  • Rough and finished gems
  • Jewellery
  • Jewellery accessories
  • Geological equipment
  • Fittings and accessories
  • Trade literature
  • Faire Trade in minerals