Kids, Come on In: The “Discovery Hall”!

The exciting program in our new “Discovery Hall” is for the up-and- coming explorers: Experts and awesome activities awaken the fascination for stones.

„Kinderwelt" takes place at the ground floor of Foyer East. 

Experiencing fossils

Where making fossils really does become child’s play! The children’s creations are then moulded in plaster of Paris and painted before each child signs their name on their masterpiece.


Cracking open geodes

These plain stones hide glittering crystals.

Polishing gemstones

Making opals and amber shine

Drilling fires from the Hitzacker Archaeological Museum

Fire drilling, grain grinding, trick or skill games.

Archeological excavation live

Under professional guidance for young archeologists

Childcare center

Games, handicraft and painting keep our young visitors from age 4 to 10 occupied at our childcare center while the parents enjoy a leisurely stroll around the fair.