List of exhibitors Mineralien Hamburg 2018

A.G. JAPAN LTD.JapanB1.EG317Precious/semi-precious silver jewelryJewelry , Raw and processed gemstones
ABDELAAZIZ KERROUMIMoroccoB2.EG525MineralsMinerals
ADNAN GEMSIndiaB1.EG620Cut and polished gems in precious and semi-preciousRaw and processed gemstones
AFGHAN JEWELLERYGermanyB2.EG150Afghan lapis stones, lapis jewelry, mineralsJewelry , Minerals
AFRICAN ARTGermanyB2.EG342Minerals, gems, jewelryMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones
AFRICAN ARTS AND MINERALS INCUSAB3.EG423Minerals, rough stonesMinerals
AGHZZAF HARBILFranceB2.EG515Minerals of the worldMinerals
AGRIO ACCARINIItalyB3.EG335high quality fossilsFossils
Ahmed, Dr. A.GermanyB4.EG204Minerals from BrazilMinerals
AIT OHAJJA MINERALSMoroccoB3.EG425Minerals, Fossils, Serpierite, Valleriite, Argentite, Carrollite, Parnauite, FetteliteMinerals, Fossils
AJBARI MINERALSMoroccoB2.EG323Minerals and Fossils Marocco and MadagascarMinerals
ALMOU MINERALMoroccoB2.EG553Minerals, Fossils
ALOIS SPECKBACHERGermanyB2.EG427Fossils worldwide, own finds from Bavaria and AustriaFossils
AMATAGermanyB2.EG121Rock crystals and their varieties, tourmalines, mineralsMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones
AMBER ABRAMPolandB2.EG215Amber & Silver JewelryJewelry , Minerals
AMBER INCLUSIONS MBLithuaniaB1.EG431Amber, amber clasps, amber jewelryJewelry , Fossils
AMBERGARDEN SP. Z O. O., SP.K.PolandB2.EG149gold and silver jewellery with amber, accessoires with amber and silver 925Jewelry , Jewelry accessories
AMBER-RING STANISLAW CALKAPolandB1.EG340amber and silver jewelleryJewelry
AMIGO MINERALMoroccoB1.EG138Minerals, fossilsMinerals, Fossils
ANKUDINOV, ALEXANDRRussian FederationB1.EG322crafts of russian stone, jewelry, mineralsRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
ANTWERP DIAMOND PARTNERS BVBABelgiumB2.EG155DiamondsRaw and processed gemstones
AQUARUSGermanyB1.EG730Diamond tools (for precious and natural stone processing), grinding machines (and accessories), grinding and polishing agentsAusstattung und Zubehör
ARCHÄOLOGISCHES MUSEUM HAMBURGGermanyB4.EG412Museum educational program; Archaeological site for children; Sandbox to dig up; Museum shopAusstattung und Zubehör, Literature
ARCHÄOLOGISCHES ZENTRUMGermanyB4.EG422Fire drill, grind grain, children's games (join in station)
ARCHE GALLERY - REINATUS OUDHUISBelgiumB1.EG1 Petrified wood - fossils - wood sculptureFossils
ARNAVA - SCHMUCK & EDELSTEINEGermanyB1.EG225Gemstone silver jewelryJewelry
ARNAVA - SCHMUCK & EDELSTEINEGermanyB1.EG124Gemstone silver jewelryJewelry
ART ET NATUREMoroccoB2.EG453Minerals, Fossils
ASIA SCHMUCK GALERIEGermanyB1.EG527Jewelry, mineralsJewelry , Minerals
ATELIER HERZBLUTGermanyB2.EG411Jewelry and objects from our own workshopJewelry
ATLANTIS-KRISTALLE & MINERALIENGermanyB1.EG228Minerals (from India, Namibia, Russia)Minerals
AVALON SCHMUCKGermanyB1.EG421Silver symbol jewelry, amulets, angels, elves, dragons, goddesses, celtic symbols, pentagramsJewelry
AZZI, AITGermanyB3.EG218Minerals, fossils, meteoritesMinerals, Fossils
BACHTAR KLEINOD OHGGermanyB1.EG734Colored gemstone strands for further processing, closures and intermediate parts in silver and gold, freshwater cultured pearls, own design on colorful colored gemstone bracelets and necklaces, mother of pearl strandsJewelry , Jewelry accessories
BACHTAR KLEINOD OHGGermanyB1.EG741Colored gemstone strands for further processing, closures and intermediate parts in silver and gold, freshwater cultured pearls, own design on colorful colored gemstone bracelets and necklaces, mother of pearl strandsJewelry , Jewelry accessories
BECKER, MATTHIASGermanyB2.EG460Unique gold jewelery with opals, aquamarines, tourmalines, citrines, brill, amethysts, ruby, safirJewelry
BEI JING XIANG YUPeople's Republic of ChinaB3.EG407MineralsMinerals
BENIAMINO, MADERU MICELLIGermanyB2.EG249Stones, Silver Jewellery, Rought Stones, Curving Stones,Jewelry , Raw and processed gemstones
BERHE MESFIN MEGOSGermanyB3.EG421aEthiopian OpalMinerals
BERKWIT HALINA KWIATKOWSKAPolandB1.EG235amber jewellery, amber jewellery with silver, amber half-productsJewelry
BERUFLICHE SCHULE FARMSEN BS19GermanyB4.EG132Competition entries of the goldsmith apprentices of the 2nd year of apprenticeship (special show topic: meteorites - ambassadors of distant galaxies)Jewelry
BLUE BEADS COMPANYGermanyB3.EG225Lava jewelery, real stones, coral, lapis, turquoise, jewelry making accessories, leather, ribbonsJewelry , Jewelry accessories
BLUE GEMSIndiaB2.EG444Gems, BeedsRaw and processed gemstones
BODE VERLAG GMBHGermanyB4.EG134Trade journal MINERALIEN-Welt, textbooksLiterature
Bouabidi, AhmedMoroccoB1.EG634Minerals from Marokko, Fossils from MarokkoFossils, Minerals
BOUGAFER MINERALS & FOSSILSMoroccoB1.EG424Minerals, FossilsMinerals, Fossils
BRONZE - SCHMUCKGermanyB2.EG358Handmade bronze jewelry, partly combined with stones and pearlsJewelry
BULLNHEIMER & CO. GMBH & CO. KGGermanyB2.EG100Fashion 360 ° Photo Composer for product photography & creation of 360 ° presentations, gem testers, tools, scalesAusstattung und Zubehör
BUNTE WOLKEN - SCHÖNES AUS ASIENGermanyB2.EG518Minerals, gemstone, Asian accessories, packagingMinerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
BURIANEK, MANFREDGermanyB2.EG424Raw and cut gemstones (ruby, sapphire, spinel, chrysoberyl, alexandrite, topaz, garnet, tourmaline, rare collector's stones)Raw and processed gemstones, Minerals
CALPEX-COLUMBIENGermanyB1.EG451Emeralds from Colombia, amber / copal from Colombia, pre-Columbian jewelry, gemstone figuresJewelry , Minerals
CAMARKANDGermanyB1.EG224Minerals, rough stones, handicrafts, jewelery and stones, design jewelery, accessories, Oriental-Afghan and Tibetan silver jewelery, handicraftsMinerals, Jewelry
CAPRICCI CASA DELLA COLLANAItalyB1.EG415GemsRaw and processed gemstones
CEYLONS GBR - JANOWSKI/SCHORRGermanyB3.EG431Colored gemstones (especially sapphires of all colors, sizes and shapes), raritiesRaw and processed gemstones
CHALOS-DESIGNGermanyB2.EG321Jewelry, goldsmithsJewelry
CHAN, LUCIA - OSTASIATISCHE KUNSTGermanyB1.EG325Mammoth Ivory Carvings (Netsuke and Okimono), Asian Antiques (Ritual Objects, Ethnic Jewelery), Neolithic Stone Objects (from the Sahara)Fossils
CHQ GMBHGermanyB2.EG430Pearls, gemstones, 750 gold, diamondsJewelry
CILU DI SPORTIELLO CIROItalyB1.EG533Jewellry made in ItalyJewelry , Jewelry accessories
COULEUR DE MADAGASCARMadagascarB3.EG401Minerals, fossilsMinerals, Fossils
CRYSTAL TEMPLE - SHLOMO KEDEMGermanyB1.EG530Stone figures handmade, silver jewelry made with gemstones, mineralsMinerals, Jewelry
DAHBI, MUSTAPHAMoroccoB2.EG122FossilsFossils
DAYO-TRADINGGermanyB1.EG525African opalsRaw and processed gemstones
DESIGNATELIER K. STRINZGermanyB3.EG231Unique jewelery, opal jewelery, pearl design jewelery in gold u. Silver, opalsJewelry , Raw and processed gemstones
DREAMSTONEDenmarkB3.EG318Fossil leaf, fossil tiger skull, hippo skull, tusk carvings, amber, zebra stoneFossils, Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones
DREAMTONE GMBHGermanyB2.EG220Minerals, Quartz, Rare Stages, Healing Stones, Hangers, Jewelry, Eso Accessories, Engravings, Figurines, Crystal Skulls, Living Stones, Spheres, Rarities, etcMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry , Ausstattung und Zubehör
DREIER, TORSTENGermanyB1.EG351Urethuayan amethyst, rainbow fluorite china, angel engravings, gemstone engravingsMinerals, Fossils, Jewelry
EBELINGGermanyB1.EG337Urethuayan amethyst, rainbow fluorite china, angel engravings, gemstone engravingsMinerals
EDELSTEIN-ALLERLEIGermanyB1.EG221Tumbled stones, gemstone jewelry, minerals (rock crystal, moqui marbles, shiva lingam), Herkimer diamonds, drilling stones on the standJewelry , Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones
EDELSTEIN-ARTIKELGermanyB1.EG328Indoor fountains, lamps, tealights, jewelery, agates, minerals, amethysts, engravings, saltJewelry , Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones
EDELSTEINE DR. MARCKSGermanyB1.EG522High quality color gems from Brazil, India, Sri Lanka etc., honed / facetedRaw and processed gemstones
EDELSTEINHAUS ERWIN HESSGermanyB1.EG641Minerals, cut gems, jewelryJewelry , Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones
EDELSTEINLAND TOURISTEN INFORMATIONGermanyB4.EG131Tourist Information German Gemstone Road / Idar ObersteinLiterature
EDMUND THURMGermanyB2.EG255aGemsRaw and processed gemstones
EISENHARDT, ROLFGermanyB1.EG343Diamonds, gemsRaw and processed gemstones
EISZEITMUSEUMGermanyB4.EG432Determining distance, information about collector groups, books, etc.Literature
EL AMRI MINÉRAUX & FOSSILESMoroccoB1.EG534Minerals, Fossils aus MarokkoMinerals, Fossils
ELAGANCE GEMS AND JEWELRYSri LankaB2.EG124Precious and semi precious GemstonesJewelry , Raw and processed gemstones
EMOTION&DESIGNGermanyB2.EG334Jewelry, gemstone lamps, gemstone water rodsJewelry
EQUIMAX INVESTMENT LIMITEDTanzaniaB2.EG516Tanzanite, ruby gemstoneMinerals
ESTELLE SILVERGermanyB3.EG313Silver jewelry, stone jewelryJewelry , Jewelry accessories
ETHIO SUNPAIR GEMSTONESEthiopiaB2.EG154aGem stone and jewelleryRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
FAOPÁL KFT.HungaryB2.EG447Vertebrates Fossils, other Fossils, Petrified WoodFossils
FARBEN-STEINE-ETC.GermanyB1.EG541Painting (acrylic on canvas) with integrated minerals / colored stones and freshwater pearls (in different formats, framed)Raw and processed gemstones
FELDHAUS, JÜRGENGermanyB1.EG422Australian Opals, Opal Jewelry, RohopaleRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry
FERNANDEZ, CASEYItalyB3.EG403Minerals, Gemstones, Fossils-Worked, raw, cut, Shaped, rolled stones, jewellery, Himalayan Pink Salt Products, Lamps, plates, Scrubs, etc.Minerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
FERNANDEZ, MANUELGermanyB2.EG341Handicraft of stone and mineralsMinerals
FOSSILE SMYKKERDenmarkB1.EG230Fossils, JewelleryFossils
FOSSILES DERFOUDMoroccoB1.EG311FossilsMinerals
FOSSNET - FOSSILIENSTOREGermanyB2.EG344Fossils from Solnhofen, ammonites, trilobites, plant fossils, other selected fossilsFossils, Ausstattung und Zubehör, Literature
GALERIE ALISINAGermanyB3.EG323Minerals, jewelry, semi-precious stonesMinerals, Jewelry
GAMOUSSY MOHAMEDMoroccoB1.EG643Minerals, fossilsMinerals, Fossils
GARG, RAJESHGermanyB2.EG541Gemstone strands, loose gemstones (cabochons and faceted stones), jewelery, remnantsJewelry
GEBR. MOSER E. K.GermanyB1.EG331cut gemstones, cut collector's stones, stone chains, jewelery, minerals, raritiesJewelry , Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones
GEMINI GEMSTONESGermanyB2.EG441Polished gemstones, gemstone jewelry with ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite, tourmaline, aquamarine, fire opal, pearlsRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry , ,
GEMMA COETUS LOREM LTDSwedenB2.EG328Crystals, gemstones, jewellryJewelry , Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones
GEMS ARE FAIRGermanyB4.EG207Fairtrade jewelry and mineralsMinerals, Jewelry , ,
GEMSTONES IMPORT EXPORT SRLRomaniaB1.EG524Cabuchons, Precious, Semiprecious, Bead of StonesMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
GENERALKONSULAT DER REPUBLIKGermanyB3.EG222Jewellery, StonesJewelry , Minerals
GEO-EXPERTGermanyB2.EG431Minerals, gems, fossils, unique jeweleryMinerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
GEO-EXPERTGermanyB2.EG330Minerals, gems, fossils, unique jeweleryMinerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
GEOPARK NORDISCHES STEINREICHGermanyB4.EG106Information about geological education offers for schools, tourists etc.
GEOSCULPTURANetherlandsB1.EG721Minerals, gemsRaw and processed gemstones
GERHARDT, OLIVERGermanyB2.EG120aBlue, red and green amber from Mexico, minerals, gemstonesRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals
GIRASOL EDELSTEINHANDEL E.K.GermanyB1.EG521Opals / Fire Opals from Mexico, Faceted Fire Opals and cabochons, animal engravings from Fire Opal, Fire Opal, Jewelry with Fire Opal, Rainbow Obsidian, Silver and Gold Obsidian, Fire AgateRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry
GLITTER & EVA STONEPolandB1.EG452Designer jeweleryJewelry
GLOBAL GEMS ARTUSAB2.EG559Precious and semi-precious gemstone locket, necklace, rings, shapesMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones
GLOBALMINERALIEN HERMANNSGermanyB2.EG359Minerals (worldwide)Minerals
GLORIAN JEWELLERY & ACCESSOIRESGermanyB1.EG215Gemstone Beads, Glass Beads, Jewelry Findings, Fashion JewelryJewelry , Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry accessories
G-MINERALGermanyB2.EG256Minerals, rough stones, meteorites, tourmalinesMinerals
GOLD MIT ANTIKEN FUNDSTÜCKENGermanyB2.EG422Gold with antique findsJewelry
GOLDEN TRADING SPRLBelgiumB2.EG456Malachite, Minerals (both from Congo D.R.C.)Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones
GRAF, GEORG L.GermanyB2.EG243Cut gemstones, stone engravingsRaw and processed gemstones
H. A. KAREEM GEMSIndiaB2.EG457Silver beads, semi-precious stone jewelry, rings, earrings, chainsRaw and processed gemstones
HANDMADE WORLD GROUPIndiaB2.EG350Semi & Precious GemstonesRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
HANSEATISCHES SCHMUCKKONTORGermanyB2.EG253Silver beads, semi-precious stone jewelry, rings, earrings, chainsJewelry , Jewelry accessories
HANS-PETER SCHLEIFE E. K.GermanyB2.EG418High quality gemstones, minerals from all over the world, jewelery with different gemstonesRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry
HASHIR INTERNATIONALPakistanB2.EG154Prescious and semi prescious stone, minerals, stringsRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals
HAYA GEMS GMBHGermanyB1.EG130precious, semi precious gems, diamonds, diamond beadsRaw and processed gemstones
HEEREN, ROLFGermanyB2.EG128Minerals (exclusively: Alpine minerals, Hauyn, Laacher See, minerals from the Harz and the Erzgebirge)Minerals
HEGRATS ASIEN-HAUSGermanyB1.EG321Jewelry, gems, minerals, figurines, antiquesJewelry , Minerals, Jewelry accessories
HELLER, WOLFGANGGermanyB1.EG327Gemstones Crystals of almost all kinds (alexandrite, tanzanite and other rarities), optically attractive and rare minerals (SYSTEMATIK) in MM-KS formatMinerals
HESS & RICKERTGermanyB3.EG324Cut gemstones, fantasy cuts, silver jewelery with beautiful stones.Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
HESS, HARTMUTGermanyB2.EG259Minerals, jewelery, gemstones gemstone wellsMinerals, Jewelry , Raw and processed gemstones
HIELSCHER, KLAUSGermanyB1.EG450mineralsMinerals
HIMALAYAN PRAANT HANDICRAFT PVT. LTNepalB2.EG526Stone attached silver jewelleryJewelry
HUUSSEN MINERALSNetherlandsB3.EG208mineralsMinerals, Fossils
IMILCHIL MINÉRAUX FOSSILSMoroccoB2.EG246Minerals, fossilsMinerals, Fossils
INDIA SILVER JEWELSIndiaB1.EG201Gemi Stones & Silver JewelleryJewelry
INKA KFT.HungaryB2.EG450Jewellery, Tumbled Stones, Esoteric Items, Amber Candles, StringsJewelry , Minerals, Jewelry accessories
INNUNG EDELSTEINBEARBEITENDES HANDWERKGermanyB4.EG133Various colored gemstones, gold and silver jewelery with gemstone, large dome, special exhibition BBS-Technik H. Fissler Schule, prakt. DemonstrationsRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
JAHAAN, LEOGermanyB1.EG625Minerals (Natural and Polished Collector Specimens, High Quality Tumbled Jaspers and Rare Agates, Fluorescent Minerals, Slices), Jewelry, Fossils.Minerals, Fossils, Jewelry
JANNSEN, JOHANNESGermanyB4.EG311Special exhibition Fossil WorkshopAusstattung und Zubehör
JANSEN, WILLY EN JOOPNetherlandsB2.EG420Minerals from all over the worldMinerals
JTMINERALS - JOSEPH TRADERSPakistanB3.EG321Crystals, gem/rough stones, mineralsRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals
JUWELENKIND SCHMUCKGermanyB1.EG323Handcrafted unique jewelery, gemstone necklaces, bracelets, pendantsJewelry
K2GEMSTONES DI LATIFItalyB2.EG158Raw and processed gemstones
KABUL GEM STONEAfghanistanB3.EG314Minerals, crystalsMinerals, Jewelry , Raw and processed gemstones
KABUL GEMSGermanyB2.EG242Tanzanite, Alexandrite, Opals, Gemstones (raw and honed)Raw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry
KABUL NUKRAGermanyB2.EG144Minerals, jewelryMinerals, Jewelry
KAPINI I/S KAREN PIILMANN NIELSENDenmarkB2.EG140Silver parts, silver jewelery, stone necklace etc.Jewelry , Jewelry accessories, Raw and processed gemstones
KARFUNKELGermanyB3.EG300Minerals from Spain and Black Forest, agates internationallyMinerals
KARIM MEQQORISwitzerlandB2.EG156Specialized on Himalayan minerals, crystals and geodes, Panjshir emeralds, collector pieces, gems cutting, gold rings, necklace, ornementals stones, loose beads, pearls, rubis cabochonsMinerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
KARKOURI, SAIDMoroccoB3.EG417Fossils, mineralsFossils, Minerals
KASBAH ART TRESORMoroccoB1.EG430JeweleryJewelry
KECK, EDGARGermanyB3.EG309Soft Flex Beading Wire, Beads, Magnetic Closers, Accessories in 925 Silver (Gilded)Jewelry accessories
KHALIL MOGBIL EDELSTEIN DESIGNGermanyB2.EG301polished gemstonesRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals
KILIMANJARO GEMSTONESNetherlandsB2.EG329Rough stones, crystals en faceted stones all from TanzaniaRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals
Kirsch, SilkeGermanyB3.EG301Unique jewelery (made of precious stones and fossils)Jewelry
KIT-SCHMUCKGermanyB1.EG449Real Pearls, Silver, Jewelry Findings, Jewelry Tools, Beadalon, Hemptique, Corals, Gemstone Strands, Elastic Power, Rubber, GemstonesJewelry accessories
KNAISCH, ANDREASGermanyB3.EG328polished stones, precious stones, stone jewelery, mineralsRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals
KOLA MINERALSRussian FederationB1.EG333Minerals, crystalsMinerals
KOSOVA MINERALSKosovoB3.EG413Minerals (quartz, caclite, dolomite, pirite, sphalerite etc.)Minerals, Jewelry , Jewelry accessories
KOZICA, REINHARDGermanyB4.EG321Panning for everyoneFossils
KRAMER, GERHARDGermanyB2.EG255Minerals all world, ground natural stonesMinerals
KRANTZ, DR. F.GermanyB2.EG200AccessoriesAccessories, Literature, Ausstattung und Zubehör
KRISTALL OCEAN EXPORT PVT. LTD.IndiaB3.EG228Gems, Jewellery, Pendulums, Wands, Loose CabochonsRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry , Jewelry accessories
KRISTALL OCEAN EXPORT PVT. LTD.IndiaB3.EG329Gems, Jewellery, Pendulums, Wands, Loose CabochonsRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry , Jewelry accessories, Minerals
KRISTALLRAUMGermanyB2.EG440Crystals, gems, healing stones, jewelryMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
KS SILBERSCHMUCK & GESCHENKARTIKELGermanyB1.EG631Stone jewelry, silver jewelryJewelry
KUGLER MINERALIEN - ALFRED KUGLERAustriaB2.EG429Collector minerals from Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, Austria, GreeceMinerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones
KUNAR GEMSGermanyB1.EG410Real jewelery (stones & pearls)Jewelry , Raw and processed gemstones
KUNSTFORMEN DER NATURGermanyB2.EG245Gilded Fossil Replica, Silver Plated Fossil Replica, Fossil Tabletops, Natural Sandstone Paintings, AmmoliteFossils, Minerals, Jewelry
L`ILLE AU TRESORDominican RepublicB2.EG310Silver jewelery with Larimar, unique piece of jewelry, Larimar cabochon, Larimar stones, blue amber from the Dominican RepublicJewelry , Minerals
LA GIRAFEGermanyB2.EG445JeweleryJewelry
LE RAPHIAFranceB2.EG512Fossils from Madagascar, gems, Bowls, jewellery, pebblesMinerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
LEIBOVIC,EITANGermanyB2.EG345magnifiersAusstattung und Zubehör
LEO CHRISTIAN PATSCHGermanyB3.EG201Minerals, spec. Honey calcite, agates, fossilsMinerals, Fossils
LEOPALSwedenB2.EG320Australian Boulder Opals, Opals from Brazil & Ethiopia, Mexican Fire Opals, Slovak Opals, Opal Dumplings, Opal JewelryJewelry , Raw and processed gemstones, Literature
LESNIAK, GEORGPolandB2.EG241Amber jeweleryJewelry
LILLIS STEINEAustriaB2.EG151Jewelry, accessories, stone figuresJewelry
LIND EDELSTEINSCHLEIFEREI, PETERGermanyB2.EG221Precious stones, semi-precious stones, minerals, crystals, drilled stones, tumbled stones, jeweleryRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry
LING LANG GEMMPeople's Republic of ChinaB2.EG343Minerals from ChinaMinerals
LITHOBSESSION SCHMUCKDESIGNGermanyB2.EG527Handmade jewelry made of precious metals and precious stones, necklaces, earrings, rings, braceletsJewelry
LIVINGSTONEGermanyB2.EG325Fossils in museum quality focus GermanyFossils
LÜER NIELS EDELSTEINE + OPALEGermanyB3.EG303MineralsMinerals
MADAGASKAR STEINEGermanyB2.EG458Minerals and fossils from MadagascarMinerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones
MAHNOOR INTERNATIONALPakistanB1.EG540onyx marble, mineral salt handicraftsMinerals, Fossils
MANIK GMBHGermanyB3.EG310Sri Lanka gemstones (Sapphire, Spinel Padparadscha, Zircon, Alexandrite, Sinhalite and many rare gems)Raw and processed gemstones
MARCUS WENKGermanyB2.EG254Silver jewelery, Pamela knight, Alina knight, Finja knightJewelry
MAROCCO MINERALSMoroccoB2.EG148MineralsMinerals
MARTIN FANTACzech RepublicB3.EG427semi precious, cabosonsRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry
MBG DI POST ANNIKAItalyB1.EG531gems, roughRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry
MEGGELEN MiNERALIENGermanyB2.EG228Minerals, rough stones, stone jewelry, diamond tools, gemstonesMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones, Accessories
MERMAID SUPPLIESGermanyB1.EG413Fossil individual pieces e.g. Skulls, teeth, etc., various natural materials of animal origin e.g. Mammoth: molars, bones, teeth, prehistoric antlers, various maritime fossils, etc., Fossil natural historical items, for example. Oceania stone artifacts, fossils, jewelery fragments, natural materials jeweleryFossils, Jewelry , Jewelry accessories, Literature
METEORITEN HAUSGermanyB2.EG257meteoritesMinerals
MIBLADEN STONESMoroccoB3.EG421Minerals, Fossils
MIDELT MINERALMoroccoB3.EG215Fossils, mineralsMinerals, Fossils
MIJO FOSSILS - MICHAL BUDZIASZEKPolandB1.EG423fossils, minerals, meteoritesFossils
MIMONA LTD.United KingdomB4.EG104Bismuth, red coral, mineralsMinerals
MINART PERU S.A.CPeruB1.EG429High quality minerals from PeruMinerals
MINERAL4YOU - KARIM SELEMANGermanyB1.EG510Minerals, jewelryMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
MINERALBOXGermanyB2.EG340Collector's supplies, transparent / magnifying glass lidded boxes, sliding / metal / ball / triangle stands, decorative stairs, acrylic presentation aids, tools, loupes, mineralsAusstattung und Zubehör, Minerals, Accessories
MINERALFOSSILRIDAMoroccoB2.EG340aFossils, mineralsMinerals, Fossils
MINERALIEN & AEROLITHEGermanyB3.EG210Minerals worldwide, drum and healing stones, fossils, meteorites and tektites (especially moldavite), amber products, gemstonesMinerals, Fossils, Jewelry
MINERALIEN YUWEN LIGermanyB3.EG411Minerals from China, stone giftsMinerals
MINERALS OF MIBLADENMoroccoB1.EG635Fossils, mineralsMinerals, Fossils
MINERALS OF TRANSBAYKALYERussian FederationB4.EG108Products - beryl, aquamarine, heliodor from Russia (Transbaikalia). In collectible patterns, tumbling, cutting and cabochonsMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones
MOLDAVIT MEGALITHGermanyB1.EG523Moldavite, Moldavite jewelry, meteorites, tektitesRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry , Literature
MOUSA LAPIS GEMSCanadaB3.EG311Rough stones, gemstones, tourmaline, aquamarine, lapis lazuliRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals
MTN-GIETHOORNNetherlandsB2.EG428Lortone machines, accessories, Fournituren, magnifying glass and microscopes, stones raw and honed, silver jewelry with precious stonesJewelry , Raw and processed gemstones, Accessories, Minerals
MÜLLER, JÖRG-THOMASGermanyB2.EG300high quality gems, 750 gold jewelry, collector stones, star stonesRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry
MÜNTEFERING, ANJAGermanyB1.EG320Fossils, minerals, stromatolitesFossils, Minerals
MUZO'S SMARAGDEGermanyB2.EG412Emeralds from Colombia, emeralds in the mother rock, emerald jewelryRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry
MYSTICAL ROSEIndiaB3.EG108Minerals, finished stones, jewellery, metaphysical articels, accesoiresJewelry , Minerals, Jewelry accessories, Raw and processed gemstones
NABIL BOUKARCH MINERALSMoroccoB3.EG100Minerals, fossilsMinerals, Fossils
NAHUI EXPORT IMPORT S.LGermanyB1.EG341Sterling silver jewelry from Mexico. Handmade 100%Jewelry
NAKIBIGermanyB2.EG421Jewelry, gemsJewelry
NATURA CONCHAGermanyB1.EG630Natural treasures from all over the world, shells, jewelery, art from shells, minerals, fossils, amber, inclusions, scientific preparations, butterflies, beetles, insectsFossils, Minerals, Jewelry
NATURE'S DESIGN DEUTSCHLANDGermanyB1.EG330Glass, porcelain, accessories for mineralsAusstattung und Zubehör, Minerals
NATURSTEINWELTGermanyB3.EG213Tumbled stone, stone pendant, jewelry accessoriesJewelry , Jewelry accessories, Raw and processed gemstones
NAVA DURGA JEWELLERY - HANDICRAFTNepalB1.EG122Silver jewellery, Metal handicraftgoods, ShawlsJewelry , Jewelry accessories
NAWA BUDDHA HANDICRAFTS PVT.LTDNepalB2.EG524Handcrafted silver jewelryJewelry
NEPAL CRYSTAL LEGEND LINKSNepalB1.EG223Crystal, rough, carving, handicraftsRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry
NEW GEM WELLIndiaB1.EG315Gem Stormes BeadsRaw and processed gemstones
NORD FOSSILGermanyB2.EG227Fossils, mineralsFossils, Jewelry , Literature
OHLERICH, PETERGermanyB1.EG241Minerals (special geodes from Mexico with Geodenknacker, possibly also stone saw)Minerals
OPAL COUNTRYGermanyB2.EG110Opals, opal jewelry in goldJewelry , Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones
OPAL COUNTRYGermanyB2.EG211Opals, opal jewelry in goldJewelry , Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones
OPAL DREAMSGermanyB2.EG410Australian Opals (Self Polished - Boulder Opal, Black Opal, Opal Nuts, Raw Opal, Opal Fossils), Jewelry with OpalsJewelry , Minerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones
OPALE SCHWENDGermanyB3.EG308Opals (raw and honed), opal jewelry, predominantly AustraliaJewelry , Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones
OPALE, BLUMGermanyB2.EG355Opals, opal jewelry Jewelry
OPALERIE GEMBALANCEGermanyB1.EG520Opals from all over the world, extraordinary and beautiful opal fossil rarities (shells, bones, belemnites, etc.), black, boulder, fire, crystal talus, Yowahnüsse, unique jewelry made of opal and other gemstones (individual, exclusive), gemstone figures , bowls, glasses, sculptural objects, shungiteJewelry , Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones
OPAL-IMPERIUM - HARALD MÜHLINGHAUSGermanyB2.EG130Opals from all over the world (raw and polished), colored gemstones, opal jewelry, opal chainsRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Fossils, Literature
OPALLOBBYGermanyB1.EG238Opals (raw and polished)Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
OPALS BY BENTON OPALSNetherlandsB3.EG317Australian Opals from Queensland (Yowah, Koroit, Boulder Opal), Australien Rocks, minerals, petrified wood, etc.Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones
OPALTAL ANWARIGermanyB2.EG455Minerals, jewelryJewelry
OPATRNY, MIROSLAVCzech RepublicB2.EG251Minerals, stone, strings, pearlsMinerals
OST STEIN - IDRIS NAWABIGermanyB2.EG142Raw stones, minerals, jewelryMinerals, Jewelry , Raw and processed gemstones
OUED ZEM FOUSSILMoroccoB1.EG210Fossils, mineralsFossils, Minerals
OURA- MINERALSMoroccoB1.EG312Fossils, mineralsMinerals, Fossils
OUTALHA MINERALSMoroccoB2.EG250aMinerals
PALEO NOMADEMoroccoB1.EG624Fossils, Minerals
PAMIR UG GermanyB1.EG640Beads, gemstones, accessories, repair of chains, unique jewelryJewelry , Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry accessories
PARIS PRECIOUSFranceB2.EG250Gem-StonesRaw and processed gemstones
PETER HESS INSTITUTGermanyB2.EG451Peter Hess Products, singing bowls, gongs, sound instrumentsAusstattung und Zubehör
PETKEVICIUS, ALBERTASLithuaniaB3.EG204Different Baltic amber goods-souvenyrs, bracelets, necklaces, inclusionsMinerals, Fossils
PORTE DE SAHARAMoroccoB3.EG120Minerals, fossilsMinerals, Fossils
PRO CARAT E.K.GermanyB2.EG331diamondsRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry , Minerals
PROMOTION KATHRIN HERRMANNGermanyB3.EG304925 high quality gemstone jewelry processed in sterling silverJewelry
RADIANCE OF THE EASTGermanyB3.EG220Silverjewellery, mineralsJewelry , Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry accessories
RADIANT BVBABelgiumB2.EG218Natural polished diamondsRaw and processed gemstones
RANDRIAMAMONJYMadagascarB1.EG134Gemstones (raw and processed)Minerals, Fossils
RASULIGermanyB1.EG316Gemstone jewelry and silver jewelryMinerals, Jewelry , Jewelry accessories
RED GALLERYGermanyB2.EG210Minerals, fossils, petrified woodMinerals, Fossils
REINHARD TÄUBER E.K.GermanyB2.EG129Gemstones, unique jeweleryRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
RELISH GODIKAIndiaB1.EG211Diamond , Precious & Semi-Precious stone beads ,cut ,cabochons along with silver jewelleryRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry , Jewelry accessories
RESAG, GERDGermanyB2.EG147Minerals, Conchylia (shells / snails), chain strands, pendantsMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
RETSCHITZEGGER, CHRISTLGermanyB1.EG420Gems, colored gemstones, star stones, mineralsRaw and processed gemstones
RIESER SCHATZTRUHEGermanyB2.EG335Minerals, goldsmithing, fossilsFossils, Minerals
ROBISPolandB2.EG141Silver, gold-plated, gold semi-final productsMachines for amber tools for amber machinesJewelry accessories
RODRIGUEZ - MELCHERT GBRGermanyB2.EG225Minerals, emeralds, emerald jewelery, jewelery with and without gemstones from own productionJewelry
ROTAMINERALSNetherlandsB2.EG354Minerals from worldwideMinerals
RQUIA MAJID MINERALSMoroccoB3.EG116Minerals, FossilsMinerals, Fossils
SAFE SCHWÄBISCHEGermanyB2.EG114Ausstattung und Zubehör
SAFI GEMSPakistanB3.EG224Turmalin, Aquamarin, Kinzit, Topas, Peridot, LapisRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals
SAMI GEMS & JEWELLERSIndiaB2.EG435Semi-precious stonesRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
SANDRAH GMBHGermanyB2.EG248Jewelry, gold, silver, pearlsJewelry
SANIYA MINERALSIndiaB3.EG108MineralsMinerals
SARL SEAM EUROPEFranceB3.EG211Minerals, fossils, ammonites, quartz, petrified wood, jasper, labradonite, celestiteMinerals, Fossils
SARL SEAM EUROPEFranceB3.EG110Minerals, fossils, ammonites, quartz, petrified wood, jasper, labradonite, celestiteMinerals, Fossils
SAROBIDY VATOMadagascarB2.EG529industrials and precious stones of MadagascarMinerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones
SAS ENTERPRISESIndiaB2.EG519Precious and semi precious beads, stones and silver jewellery (studded with stones)Jewelry
SCHAEFFER, DIPL.-MIN. MANFREDGermanyB3.EG200Systematic minerals, gemstone minerals, rough stone, rock collection itemsMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones
SCHIEFER & CO. (GMBH & CO.)GermanyB2.EG413Investor Products Precious metals, travel products, metals, semi-finished products, literatureAusstattung und Zubehör
SCHINDLER, FIDELISGermanyB2.EG230Emeralds raw, emeralds honed, emeralds in rocks, emerald jeweleryJewelry , Minerals
SCHUMACHER, SARAGermanyB2.EG240Gemstone jewelry, minerals, fossils, tumbled stonesJewelry , Minerals, Fossils
SCHWANHEIMER INDUSTRIEKLEBER GMBHGermanyB3.EG333Adhesives for jewelry, repair kitsJewelry accessories, Ausstattung und Zubehör
SEASHELL-SHOPGermanyB2.EG521Shells, snails, jewelry, decorative itemsJewelry , Fossils
SEIFERT, SABINEGermanyB2.EG247Silver jewelery from own productionJewelry
SENKPIEL, DIRKGermanyB2.EG258Petrified woodsFossils, Minerals, Literature
SHAN IM-EXPORTGermanyB1.EG332Gems, jewelryJewelry , Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry accessories
SIAM TOP STONEGermanyB2.EG346Minerals of all kinds, ornamental stone wells, jeweleryMinerals, Jewelry accessories, Raw and processed gemstones
SIDI MOHAMED ISMAILYMoroccoB2.EG511MeteoritesMinerals, Fossils
SIGITAS NOPENASLithuaniaB3.EG305Amber, raw amber, amber with inclusions, amber jewelryJewelry
SIGITAS NOPENASLithuaniaB2.EG520Amber jewelry, amber, inclusionsRaw and processed gemstones, Fossils
SIGITAS NOPENASLithuaniaB2.EG143Amber jewelry, amber, inclusionsJewelry , Fossils
SILBERSCHMUCKGALERIEGermanyB1.EG426Stones and silverJewelry , Minerals
SILVER EMOTION GMBH & CO. KGGermanyB2.EG432Beautiful sieber design jewelry made of 925 sterling silver with real stonesJewelry
SILVER GALLERYIndiaB3.EG320semi loose cut stone and silver jewelleryJewelry , Raw and processed gemstones
SILVER PLANETIndiaB1.EG218precious and semi precious stones jewellryJewelry
SIMPLY GEMGermanyB1.EG610Gemstone strands, silver, design chains, closures, beads, jewelry suppliesJewelry , Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry accessories
SIMPLY 'U'GermanyB1.EG240Gemstone jewelry in silver, stones, mineralsJewelry , Raw and processed gemstones
SITARA GEMSIndiaB2.EG347precious and semi precious stones silver jewellryJewelry
SIWON, EDGARGermanyB3.EG331Fine cut gemstones, emeralds, aquamarines, morganites, beryls, fire opals, tourmalines, alexandrites, all types of quartzRaw and processed gemstones
SKARABEUS SILBERSCHMUCKGermanyB2.EG517Silver jewelry and trend jewelryJewelry
SKARABEUS SILBERSCHMUCKGermanyB3.EG124Silver jewelry and trend jewelryJewelry
SKIFF SPOL.S.R.O.Czech RepublicB2.EG356Products from minerals, raw mineralsMinerals, Fossils, Jewelry accessories
SMYKKESTEN OG FRITID I/SDenmarkB3.EG221Minerals, fossils, raw and processed gemstones, jewelry accessories, equipment and accessoriesMinerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry accessories
STAR MINERALSIndiaB1.EG633Mineral StonesMinerals
STAR MINERALS COLLECTIONPakistanB3.EG120aRough Gemstones and minerals specimensMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones
STARBORN CREATIONSGermanyB1.EG621925 silver jewelery with minerals, fossils, meteoritesJewelry , Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones
STEINHEILKUNDE E.V.GermanyB1.EG329Overhangs of tested stones, research results, individual and total evaluations, books of our membersLiterature
STOCK, CHRISTINEGermanyB2.EG423Gems, jewelryRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry
Storr, MichaelGermanyB3.EG433Polished Gemstones: Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Precious Beryl Jewelry, MineralsRaw and processed gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry
STRZELEC, UTEGermanyB2.EG414Minerals, Fossils
SULTAN GEMS & MINERALS E.K.GermanyB1.EG203Cut gemstonesJewelry
SULTAN GEMS & MINERALS E.K.GermanyB1.EG120Cut & Polished GemstonesRaw and processed gemstones
SUN HANDEL & INGENIEURTECHNIKGermanyB1.EG548Finish jewelry, gemstone strands, real freshwater pearls, jewelry supplies, minerals, fossilsJewelry , Minerals, Jewelry accessories, Fossils
SUNRISE GEMSGermanyB1.EG720Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
SUPERIOR ART (EXPORTS)NepalB1.EG627Stone crafts, wood crafts, metal craftsMinerals, Jewelry accessories
SURYA PASHMINA & HANDICRAFTSNepalB1.EG236Minerals, JewelryMinerals, Jewelry
SWEDISH BLUENorwayB3.EG205Handmade SilverjewelleryJewelry
TAFILALTE MINERAUX & FOSSILESMoroccoB1.EG214Fossils, mineralsMinerals, Fossils
TAFILALTE MINERAUX & FOSSILESMoroccoB3.EG217Fossils, mineralsMinerals, Fossils
TAHIRI MINERALSMoroccoB2.EG146Minerals and fossilsMinerals, Fossils
TENZIN HANDICRAFT PVT. LTD.NepalB2.EG252Fashionable Silver JawelleryJewelry accessories
THE GEM COMPANY SASwitzerlandB2.EG216Gems precious stones, minerals, jewelleryJewelry , Minerals, Raw and processed gemstones
THEISS-SINGHGermanyB1.EG529Buddha, jewelry, Indian craftsJewelry
THERAPIE UND HEILSTEINEGermanyB1.EG220Minerals, raw and processed gemstones, jewelery, salt lamps, rock crystal lamps, healing stones, water crystalsMinerals, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
THOUSAND VILLAGE HANDICRAFTNepalB1.EG725Raw crystal, Handicraft goodsMinerals, Ausstattung und Zubehör
TOP HIMALAYAN TRADERSNepalB1.EG731Statues, singing bowl, Thankas, Minerals and AntiquesJewelry accessories
TRENDWERKK GMBHGermanyB1.EG550Jewelry accessories in silver and gold, on threading material, rubber, leather, toolsJewelry accessories
TS-COLLECTIONGermanyB1.EG543Jewelry, diamondsJewelry
UAB ART VETUSLithuaniaB2.EG217Amber, Amber JeweleryJewelry
ÜBERLEBENSSCHULE TIROLAustriaB1.EG310Alpine minerals from the Alps, Larimar, PinoliteMinerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones, Jewelry
UFO DESIGN SP.ZO.O.PolandB4.EG100JewelryJewelry
UMBEHR, ROBERTGermanyB2.EG234Unique jewelery (mostly from own workshop)Jewelry
UNIKAT ART KNOPPEGermanyB2.EG419Unique jewelery made of mammoth ivory in combination with gemstones, semi-precious stones, gold and other precious materials, objects and steles with mammoth and extraordinary materials, high-quality replica and design jeweleryJewelry , Fossils, Minerals
UPALA OPALSNetherlandsB1.EG427OpalRaw and processed gemstones, Jewelry , Minerals
VERMA GLOBALIndiaB2.EG351Artificial Jewellery, Silver Jewellery and GemstonesJewelry
WALTZ, BIRGERGermanyB1.EG237Jewelry, gems, opalsJewelry , Raw and processed gemstones
WATAPUR MINERALNetherlandsB1.EG222Gems, jewels, mineralsMinerals
WHITE RIVER GEMSFranceB2.EG321aNorth american gemstones dealerRaw and processed gemstones
WISH ENTERPRISESIndiaB1.EG231Coose Store, Gold and Silver JewelleryJewelry , Raw and processed gemstones
WISSAM MINERALSMoroccoB2.EG152literatureMinerals, Fossils
WITTYCOLLECTIONSIndiaB3.EG118gemstones with sterling silver, designs jewellryJewelry
WOLBEEK GMBHSwitzerlandB2.EG223Silver jewelry with raw and cut gemstonesJewelry
YAOHUA GEOLOGICAL MINERALPeople's Republic of ChinaB3.EG202MineralsMinerals
ZEB GUL MINERALIENGermanyB1.EG313Minerals from Afghanistan and Pakistan (aquamarine, tourmaline, topaz, lapis, morganite)Minerals
ZELLNER, FLORIANGermanyB2.EG120Minerals from the Alps (Gwindel, rare micromounts, smoky quartz, rock crystal) and Spain (fluorite, barite, calcite)Minerals
ZIANI STONESMoroccoB2.EG551Minerals, fossilsMinerals, Fossils
ZLOTA RYBA PAWEL WARSZEWSKIRomaniaB2.EG555Amber raw, amber jewelry, chains, pendants, braceletsJewelry , Minerals, Fossils, Raw and processed gemstones
ŽUKAUSKAITE, DONATALithuaniaB1.EG411Amber jeweleryJewelry
ŽUKAUSKAITE, DONATALithuaniaB2.EG327Amber jeweleryJewelry
ZYANI MINERALMoroccoB3.EG322Minerals, Fossils