Voices from the mineralien exhibitors

The exhibitors were very satisfied with the course of the event and drew a positive conclusion.

Friday was already a very good start, and things continued very well after that. We recorded many sales, even in the high four-figure price range.

Steffen Dettmann, the Red Gallery

I’ve never experienced a fair opening like this one, we are extremely pleased.

Udo Juchem, the Craftsman Guild of Gemstone Processing

It was remarkable that customers remembered our products from the previous year, and came back to buy high-quality fossils from us.

Joachim Wördemann, Nord Fossil

The visitors were interested and made purchases, we’re pleased.

Reinhard Täuber, Jeweller

We were able to sell expensive pieces - all in all, the rush of visitors was brilliant, and the sales were also good.

Heike Ludwig, Opal Dreams