Facts & figures

Visitors structure

Fact-Sheet 2019

Exhibition areas

  • minerals
  • fossils
  • raw and polished gemstones 
  • jewellery
  • jewellery accessories
  • geo paraphernalia
  • equipment and supplies
  • technical literature

Why Mineralien Hamburg promises success

Good tip

93 % of our visitors would recommend Mineralien Hamburg to others.

Exactly your target group

You will meet well-funded customers and a professional audience (12 % trade visitors) from Northern Germany and neighbouring countries.

Positive assessment

98 % of visitors gave a positive assessment to the last show.

High visitor potential

Perfect situated in the metropolitan area of Hamburg with a population of roughly 5.3 million.


Exciting special shows and live demonstrations provide an insight into the world of minerals and fossils. Enjoyable interactive elements make it an experience for the whole family.

Perfect timing

the fair will be held in the run-up to Christmas, the ideal time for sales.

Attract attention

Elaborate advertising measures in the region, including posters, adverts and catalogue distribution.

At the heart of Hamburg

Good connection to public transportation. Parking facilities, Christmas markets, restaurants and shopping centers nearby.

Well connected

Here you are connected to the world – free Wifi on the whole exhibition grounds.

Safety first

We provide heavy-duty tables as standard for the safe presentation of your goods.

Short distances

You can park directly on the premises and have short distances to your booth.