Facts & figures

Mineralien HamburgWorld’s fourth largest minerals show
SalesØ EUR 229 per visitor
Exhibitors400 from 35 nations
Exhibition space4 halls
  • Mineralien Hamburg is the largest exhibition in Northern Europe and is the world’s fourth largest mineral show.
  • Mineralien Hamburg is aimed both at the specialist as well as at the final consumer.
  • The fortunate timing during the pre-Christmas season reinforces the visitor’s positive buying behavior.
  • An important aspect for the actual experts, collectors and scientists are the annually changing, lavishly equipped special displays, in which outstanding discoveries are presented.

Exhibition areas

  • Minerals
  • Fossils
  • Rough and finished gems
  • Jewellery
  • Jewellery accessories
  • Geological equipment
  • Fittings and accessories
  • Trade literature

Visitors structure

Mineralien Hamburg visitors structure
Mineralien Hamburg exhibition impression

Why Mineralien Hamburg promises success

Good tip

93 % of our visitors would recommend Mineralien Hamburg to others.

Exactly your target group

This is where you will meet visitors who have plenty of purchasing power (spend per customer is up 33 %!) and a professional audience (12 % trade visitors) from the North German area and neighbouring countries.

Positive assessment

98 % of visitors gave a positive assessment to the last show.

High visitor potential

thanks to the location in the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg, with a population of some 4.3 million and average disposable annual income of EUR 21,999 per capita (German average EUR 20,507).*

High interest level of visitors

70 % of visitors express an interest in minerals, 49 % in jewellery, 49 % in gemstones, 38 % in fossils, 28 % in jewellery accessories (multiple mentions).

High-quality specials

“Mineralogical trip through Germany” and a great experience for the whole family with exciting hands-on activities.

Perfect timing

the fair will be held in the run-up to Christmas, the ideal time for sales.

Advertise your participation

With our free-of-charge advertising materials (posters, flyers, stickers) and make a big success of your participation, in cooperation with us.

At the heart of Hamburg

Good public transport connections, parking facilities, Christmas markets and shopping centres nearby.

Source of statistical data: Customer Satisfaction Survey Mineralien Hamburg 2014 – Visitor